mercredi 4 avril 2012

messages d'amour en anglais - love messages 2012

top 10 meilleurs messages d'amour en anglais - top 10 love messages - love messages 2012

messages d'amour 1:

I just want to kiss your lips, lay in your arms, look in your eyes, play with your fingers, hear your voice, and feel your love ♥

love messages 2 :

You're The Bullet To My Gun,
The Moon To My Sun,
The Right To My Wrong,
The Lyrics To My Song,
The Truth To My Lie, &
My Love Till I Die♡

messages d'amour 3:

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you,
Until we meet again

love messages 4 :
I have a million reasons to hate you...
Yet I'll find any excuse to forgive you.

message d'amour 5 :
Missing you is my hobby,
Caring for you is my job,
Making you Happy is my duty,
& Loving You is my Life ♡
Good Morning America.

love message 6 : You're not my life, but you're the one I want to spend it with.
You're not my world, but you're the best thing in it. ♥ ♥ ♥

message d'amour 7 : I'm broken, You're fine.
You're his, Not mine.
Feelings fade, Hearts break.
All because of ONE mistake.

love message 8: Everyday I convince myself that I will tell you that I'm fall in love with you, but when this day will come ?

message d'amour 9 : A lot of people don't last, they don't think and move to fast... Worst of all, they say "I Love you" when they're still stuck on someone from their past . . .♥.

love message 10 : HEART Is Special Word For LOVE.
LOVE Is Special World For CARE.
CARE Is Special Word For YOU.
And YOU Are Always Special For Me..!
Sweet dreams My Soul Mate
God bless you all
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